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TitelPromovendusPromotor 1Promotor 2Copromotor 1Copromotor 2UniversiteitPromotiejaarTrefwoorden
Vascular reactivity in cardiopulmonary bypassSamarska I., PhDHenning R.H., prof. dr.Struys M.M.R.F., prof. dr.Buikema J.H., dr.Epema A.H., dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2011Cardiopulmonary bypass; Vascular reactivity;
Vascular pharmacology of migraine and preeclampsia: Problems of the fair sexGupta S., dr.Saxena P.R., prof. dr.Danser A.H.J., prof. dr.Maassen van den Brink A., dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2006Cardiovascular disease; Pharmacology;
Vascular Effects of Current and Novel Antimigraine DrugsRubio Beltrán AEDanser A.H.J., prof. dr.Maassen van den Brink A., dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2019Migraine; Vascular reactivity; Drug efficacy; Pharmacology;
Vascular aging from DNA damage to protectionĎurik M., PhDDanser A.H.J., prof. dr.Roks A.J.M., dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2012Cardiovascular disease; Pharmacology;
Vascular adaptation to pregnancy and relaxinDrongelen J. van, PhDSmits P., prof. dr.Lotgering F.K., prof. dr.Radboud Universiteit (RU)2014
Variability in drug response: personalized diabetes carePetrykiv S.I.Lambers Heerspink H.J., prof. dr.Zeeuw D. de, prof. dr.Laverman G.D., dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2017
Use of real-world evidence in pharmaeconomic analysisHuang Y.Haaijer-Ruskamp F.M., prof. dr.Postma M.J., prof. dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2019Pharmacogenomics;
Unravelling the link between diabetes, insulin treatment and breast cancerBronsveld H.K., PhDBoer A. de, prof. dr.Bruin M.L. de, prof. dr.Schmidt M.K., dr. ir.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2017Breast cancer; Risk factors; Diabetes mellitus; Insulin growth factor; Diabetes treatment;
Unraveling the complexities of the renin-angiotensin system: from ACE to renin inhibitionEsch J.H.M. van, dr.Danser A.H.J., prof. dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2008Cardiovascular disease; Pharmacology; Renin-angiotensin system;
Unintended effects of anti-hyperglycaemic drugs studied in population-based cohortsDriessen J.H.M., PhDBergh J.P.W. van den, prof. dr.Vries F. de, prof. dr.Onzenoort H.A.W. van, PhDUniversiteit Maastricht (UM)2017Hyperglycaemic drugs; Population-based;
Trials & tribulations : studies on the fate, transparency and efficiency of clinical drug trialsBogert C.A. van den, PhDLeufkens H.G.M., prof. dr.Souverein P.C., dr.Janssen S.W.J., dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2017Clinical trials; Drug development; Publication bias; Regulatory science;
Treatment response in childhood asthmaVijverberg S.J.H., PhDRaaijmakers J.A.M., prof. dr.Maitland-van der Zee A.H., prof. dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2014Treatment outcomes; Children; Asthma;
Treatment optimization of fluoropyrimidines as single agent and in combination therapyDeenen M.J., PhDSchellens J.H.M., prof. dr.Beijnen J.H., prof. dr.Cats A., dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2011Pharmacogenetics; Fluoropyrimidines; Capecitabine; 5-fluorouracil; Dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase; Dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase; DPD-deficiency;
Treatment adherence in hypertension : methodological aspects and new strategiesOnzenoort H.A.W. van, PhDLeeuw P.W. de, prof. dr.Neef C., prof. dr.Kuy P.H.M. van der, dr.Universiteit Maastricht (UM)2012Clinical pharmacology; hypertension; compliance
Translational research in tuberculosis: crossing barriers between molecular and clinical pharmacologyBrake L.H.M. te, PHDBurger D.M., prof. dr.Russel F.G.M., prof. dr.Aarnoutse R.E., dr.Koenderink JB, dr. ir.Radboud Universiteit (RU)2016Tuberculosis; Clinical pharmacology;
Translating pharmacogenetics to primary care Swen J.J., PhDGuchelaar H.J., prof. dr.Assendelft W.J.J., prof. dr.Wessels J.A.M., dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2011Pharmacogenetics; Primary care;
Training physicians in electronic prescribingStiphout F. van, PhDBraak E.W.M.T. ter, prof. dr.Egberts A.C.G., prof. dr.Zwart-van Rijkom J.E.F., dr.Aarts J.E.C.M., dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2016
Towards understanding interchangeability of generic drugsYu Y, drNeef C., prof. dr.Burger D.M., prof. dr.Universiteit Maastricht (UM)2017
Towards New Therapies for Preeclampsia: Restoring Vascular DysfunctionHitzerd AEReiss IKM, prof.dr.Danser A.H.J., prof. dr.Simons SHP, dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2020Pre-eclampsia; Treatment options; Pregnancy; Pharmacology;
Towards better treatment outcomes in childhood asthmaKoster E.S., PhDRaaijmakers J.A.M., prof. dr.Maitland-van der Zee A.H., prof. dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2011Asthma; Children; Treatment Outcomes; Epidemiology;
Towards better fall prevention - examining the interplay between factors that influence gait in older patientsGroot M.H. de, PhDBeijnen J.H., prof. dr.Lamoth C.J.C., dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2017Falls; Gait analysis; Accelerometry; Frailty; Osteoporosis; Maturation; Medication use; Medication use; Geriatrics; Older patients;
Towards a system-based pharmacology approach to predict developmental changes in renal drug clearance in childrenDe Cock R.F.W., PhDKnibbe C.A.J., prof. dr.Danhof M., prof. dr.Allegaert K., prof. dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2014Paediatrics; Population PK; Aminoglycosides; Propylene glycol; GFR; Renal function; Antibiotics; Glomerular filtration; Developmental changes; Pharmacokinetics; Newborns;
Thiopurines in inflammatory bowel diseases: new perspectives to optimise safety and efficacyWong D.R., PhDMasclee A., prof. dr.Neef C., prof. dr.Hooymans P.M., dr.Engels L.G.J.B., dr.Universiteit Maastricht (UM)2015Thiopurines; Inflammatory bowel disease; Safety; Drug efficacy;
Thermopharmacology of anticonvulsive treatment after perinatal asphyxiaBroek M.P.H. van den, PhDEgberts A.C.G., prof. dr.Rademaker C.M.A., dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2013PK-PD modelling; Newborns; Thermopharmacology; Convulsions;
Therapeutic drug monitoring: how to improve moxifloxacin exposure in tuberculosis patientsPranger A.Kosterink J.G.W., prof. dr.Werf T.S. van der, prof. dr.Uges D.R.A., prof. dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2018drug monitoring moxifloxacin exposure tuberculosis
Therapeutic drug monitoring in tuberculosis treatmentElsen S.H.J. van denAlffenaar J.W.C., prof. dr.Werf T.S. van der, prof. dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2020drug monitoring, tuberculosis treatment
The use of a battery of evoked pain models in early phase drug developmentOkkerse P.Cohen A.F., prof. dr.Groeneveld G.J., prof. dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2018Pain Human pain models Analgesics Clinical pharmacology Pharmacodynamics Drug Development
The therapeutic potential of Indoleamine 2.3-dioxygenase in kidney transplantationVavrinacova-Yaghi D., PhDHenning R.H., prof. dr.Sandovici M., dr.Seelen M.A.J., dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2014Pharmacology; kidney transplantation Indoleamine 2.3-dioxygenase
The role of pharmacogenetics in osteosarcomaHagleitner M.M., PhDHoogerbrugge P.M., prof. dr.Guchelaar H.J., prof. dr.Loo D.M.W.M. te, dr.Coenen M.J.H., dr.Radboud Universiteit (RU)2015Cancer; Osteosarcoma; Pharmacogenetics; Genetics; Chemotherapy;
The role of glomerular filtration and active tubular secretion in predicting renal clearance of drugs in children using population pharmacokinetic and physiology-based pharmacokinetic modeling approaches: unspinning the yarnCristea S., PhDKnibbe C.A.J., prof. dr.Allegaert K., prof. dr.Krekels E.H.J., PhDUniversiteit Leiden (UL)2021Population PK; Optimise drug dosing; Paediatric renal clearance; PBPK; Paediatrics; Renal clearance; Population pharmacokinetics; Physiologically based pharmacokinetics; Maturation; Active tubular secretion; Renal transporters;
The role of endogenous H2S production during hybernation and forced hypothermia: towards safe cooling and rewarming in clinical practiceDugbartey G.J., PhDHenning R.H., prof. dr.Bouma H.R., PhDRijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2015
The role of efflux and influx transporters in the disposition of digitalis-like compoundsGozalpour E., PhDRussel F.G.M., prof. dr.Radboud Universiteit (RU)2015
The role of differentiation factor 15 in diabetic kidney injuryMazagová M., PhDHenning R.H., prof. dr.Deelman L.E., dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2012Diabetic kidney disease; Growth differentiation factor 15;
The role of aldosterone and aldosterone blockade in hypertensionJansen P.M., PhDDanser A.H.J., prof. dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2013Cardiovascular disease; Antihypertensive drugs; Pharmacology;
The road to tailor made azole antifungal therapyBrüggemann R.J.M., PhDBurger D.M., prof. dr.Verweij P.E., prof. dr.Blijlevens N.M.A., dr.Radboud Universiteit (RU)2011Antifungal; clinical pharmacology
The Renin-Angiotensin System in Hypertension and Diabetes: From Man to Rodent and BackRoksnoer L.C.W.Danser A.H.J., prof. dr.Zietse R., prof.dr.Hoorn E.J., prof. dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2016Renin-angiotensin system; Renal function; Hypertension; Diabetic kidney disease;
The quantification of growth hormone secretion : application of model-informed drug development in acromegalyEsdonk M.J vanGraaf P.H., Prof.dr.Burggraaf J., prof. dr.Stevens J., Dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2019Endocrinology Pulsatile profiles Population modelling Pharmacokinetic Pharmacodynamic modelling Clinical trial simulation
The pursuit of user-friendly medicines : older people in the hot seatNotenboom K., PhDBouvy M.L., prof. dr.Leufkens H.G.M., prof. dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2017Usability; User-friendly; Older patients; Elderly; Medicines; Medication use; Medication errors; Tablet breaking; Swallowing; Medication packaging;
The more complex renin-angiotensin system: new insights into an old systemGembardt F., PhDDanser A.H.J., prof. dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2011Pharmacology; Renin-angiotensin system;
The many faces of Na+, K+-ATPase: understanding the role of human isoforms in health and diseaseWeigand K.M., PhDRussel F.G.M., prof. dr.Radboud Universiteit (RU)2015
The influence of the sample matrix on LC-MS/MS method development and analytical performanceKoster R.A., PhDUges D.R.A., prof. dr.Kosterink J.G.W., prof. dr.Alffenaar J.W.C., prof. dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2015
The influence of morbid obesity on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs in adolescents and adults : focus on propofol and nadroparinDiepstraten J., PhDKnibbe C.A.J., prof. dr.Vinks A.A., prof. dr.Dongen H.P.A. van, dr.Ramshorst B. van, dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2013Drug dosing; Low-molecular-weight heparines; Nadroparin; Obesity; Pharmacodynamics; Pharmacokinetics; Propofol;
The impact of obesity on the pharmacokinetics of drugs in adolescents and adultsRongen A. van, PhDKnibbe C.A.J., prof. dr.Anker J.N. van den, prof. dr.Dongen H.P.A. van, dr.Ramshorst B. van, dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2016Morbid obesity; Pharmacokinetics; Obese adolescents; Midazolam; Acetaminophen; Medication use; Medication use; Metformin;
The Clinical Pharmacology of performance enhancement and doping detection in sportsHeuberger J., dr.Cohen A.F., prof. dr.Groeneveld G.J., prof. dr.Rotmans J.I., dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2019Performance enhancement and doping detection in sports
The association between albuminuria and long-term renal risk; how to improve the precision of drug effect estimatesKröpelin T.F., PhDZeeuw D. de, prof. dr.Lambers Heerspink H.J., prof. dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2016Kidney; Diabetic kidney disease; Drug efficacy;
The alternative renin-angiotensin system: exploration of its therapeutic potentialSevá Pessôa B., PhDDanser A.H.J., prof. dr.Roks A.J.M., dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2015Pharmacology; Cardiovascular disease; Renin-angiotensin system;
The aging cardiovascular system: genetic and epigenetic determinants of vascular outcomes and cardiometabolic riskPortilla Fernández EDanser A.H.J., prof. dr.Ikram MA, prof.dr.Roks A.J.M., dr.Dehghan A, dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2019Cardiac aging; Cardiovascular disease; Genetics; Epidemiology; Epigenetics; Vascular reactivity; Pharmacology;
The (pro)renin receptor: moving away from prorenin?Lu X., PhDDanser A.H.J., prof. dr.Meima M.E., dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2014Cardiovascular disease; Pharmacology; Prorenin;
Tetrahydrocannabinol in the treatment of neuropsychiatric symptoms in dementiaElsen G. van den, PhDOlde Rikkert M., prof. dr.Verkes R., prof. dr.Marck M. van der, dr. ir.Kramers C., dr.Radboud Universiteit (RU)2016THC; geriatric medicine; pain; Dementia;
Techniques to improve neurological outcome after cardiac surgeryKok W.F., PhDHenning R.H., prof. dr.Absalom A.R., prof. dr.Scheeren T.W.L., prof. dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2017Cardiac surgery; Clinical pharmacology; Neurological outcome;
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