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TitelPromovendusPromotor 1Promotor 2Copromotor 1Copromotor 2UniversiteitPromotiejaarTrefwoorden
Pharmacological approaches to optimize TB treatmentZuur M.A.Alffenaar J.W.C., prof. dr.Werf T.S. van der, prof. dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2018Optimize; Tuberculosis; Treatment;
Development and use of biomarkers in clinical development of new therapies for chronic airway diseaseZuiker R.G.J.ABurggraaf J., prof. dr.Cohen A.F., prof. dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2016Asthma COPD Biomarkers Allergen challenges Inflammation
Targeting proteostasis in atrial fibrillationZhang D., PhDHenning R.H., prof. dr.Brundel B.J.J.M., dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2015Atrial fibrillation; Modelling-&-simulations;
Drug-related problems: risk factors and the role of clinical pharmacistsZaal R.J., PhDVulto A.G., prof. dr.Haaijer-Ruskamp F.M., prof. dr.Bemt P.M.L.A. van den, dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2016Drug-related problems; Risk factors;
Towards understanding interchangeability of generic drugsYu Y, drNeef C., prof. dr.Burger D.M., prof. dr.Universiteit Maastricht (UM)2017
Exploring optimal pharmacotherapy after bariatic surgery: where two worlds meetYska J.P., PhDRoon E.N. van, prof. dr.Wilffert B, prof. dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2017Optimal pharmacotherapy; Bariatric surgery;
Novel directions in therapy against age-related vascular diseaseWu H., PhDDanser A.H.J., prof. dr.Roks A.J.M., dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2014Pharmacology; Cardiovascular disease;
Assessment of ischaemia and reperfusion injuryWouters C.W., PhDRongen G.A., prof. dr.Oyen W.J.G., prof. dr.Radboud Universiteit (RU)2013Ischemia/reperfusion injury; adenosine; atorvastatin; forearm;
Thiopurines in inflammatory bowel diseases: new perspectives to optimise safety and efficacyWong D.R., PhDMasclee A., prof. dr.Neef C., prof. dr.Hooymans P.M., dr.Engels L.G.J.B., dr.Universiteit Maastricht (UM)2015Thiopurines; Inflammatory bowel disease; Safety; Drug efficacy;
Medication Optimization; exploring the use of a clinical decision support systemWit H.A.J.M. de, PhDSchols J.M.G.A., prof. dr.Kuy P.H.M. van der, dr.Janknegt R., PharmD PhDUniversiteit Maastricht (UM)2016Clinical pharmacology; Clinical rules; CDSS
Implications of the cardiomyocyte stress response on protein homeostasis in atrial fibrillationWiersma M., PhDHenning R.H., prof. dr.Brundel B.J.J.M., dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2016Atrial fibrillation;
Pharmacogenetics of antihypertensive drug treatmentWieren-de Wijer B.M.A. van, dr.Boer A. de, prof. dr.Stricker B.H.C., prof. dr.Klungel O.H., prof. dr.Maitland-van der Zee A.H., prof. dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2009Pharmacogenetics; Antihypertensive drugs; Study design; Observational studies; UIPS;
Novel protective approaches in ischemia-reperfusion injury. In vivo studies in animals and humansWever K.E., PhDRongen G.A., prof. dr.Masereeuw R., prof. dr.Warlé M.C., dr.Radboud Universiteit (RU)2012Renal, ischemia/reperfusion injury, remote ischemic preconditioning, Annexin A5, animal and human research
Real-world treatment outcomes in metastatic lung cancer : from efficacy-effectiveness gap evaluation to informed clinical decision-makingWelle C.M. van derKlungel O.H., prof. dr.Groen H.J.M., prof. dr.Garde E.M.W. van de, dr.Schramel F.M.N.H., dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2021Real-world data; Lung cancer; Treatment outcomes; Pharmacotherapy; Treatment patterns; Effectiveness; Survival; Pharmacoepidemiology; Web-based tool;
Evaluation of renal end points in nephrology trials. Weldegiorgis MLambers Heerspink H.J., prof. dr.Zeeuw D. de, prof. dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2017Pharmacology; Nephrology trials; renal endpoints
The many faces of Na+, K+-ATPase: understanding the role of human isoforms in health and diseaseWeigand K.M., PhDRussel F.G.M., prof. dr.Radboud Universiteit (RU)2015
Determinants of treatment outcomes in epilepsyWassenaar M., PhDEgberts A.C.G., prof. dr.Leijten F.S.S., dr.Uijl S.G., dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2014Epilepsy; Treatment; Treatment outcomes; Quality of life; Patient-perspectives; Clinical determinants; Seizures; Pharmacology; Daily practice; Community-based;
Antifungal pharmacokinetics in the era of the obesity pandemicWasmann R.E., PhDBurger D.M., prof. dr.Knibbe C.A.J., prof. dr.Brüggemann R.J.M., PhDRadboud Universiteit (RU)2019Antifungal drugs; Clinical pharmacology; Morbid obesity; Micafungin; Anidulafungin; Posaconazole; Liposomal amphotericinB;
Preclinical molecular imgaging to study the biodistribution of antibody derivatives in oncology. Warnders J.F., PhDKosterink J.G.W., prof. dr.Vries E.G.E. de, prof. dr.Lub-de Hooge M.N., dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2018preclinical molecular imaging; oncology
Clinical risk management of drug-related hospital admissions: strategies for their identification, reduction and monitoringWarlé-van Herwaarden M., PhDSmet P.A.G.M. de, prof. dr.Sturkenboom M.C.J.M., prof. dr.Kramers C., dr.Herings R.M.C., dr.Radboud Universiteit (RU)2015Guideline adherence; medication safety; laboratory monitoring
Pharmacokinetics of antifungal drugs in severely ill patientsWanrooy M.J.P. van, PhDWerf T.S. van der, prof. dr.Kosterink J.G.W., prof. dr.Uges D.R.A., prof. dr.Alffenaar J.W.C., prof. dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2015Antifungal drugs; Pharmacokinetics;
Novel approach to characterize developmental changes in pharmacokinetics across the human lifespan: application to the prediction of clearance in childrenWang C., PhDKnibbe C.A.J., prof. dr.Danhof M., prof. dr.Tibboel D., prof. dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2013Paediatrics; Scaling clearance; Population PK; Morphine; Morphine; Paracetamol; Bodyweight-dependent exponent model; Pharmacometrics; Allometric scaling; NONMEM; Pharmacokinetics;
Reversible suppression of hemostasis in hibernation and hypothermiaVrij E.L. deHenning R.H., prof. dr.Bouma H.R., PhDRijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2019Hypothermia; Hibernation;
Patient perspectives in the benefit-risk evaluation of drugsVries S.T. de, PhDDenig P., prof. dr.Haaijer-Ruskamp F.M., prof. dr.Zeeuw D. de, prof. dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2015
Statin treatment in type 2 diabetes patiëntsVries F.M. de, PhDHak E., prof. dr.Denig P., prof. dr.Postma M.J., prof. dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2016Statins; Diabetes mellitus;
Patient compliance with drug storage recommendationsVlieland N.D., PhDEgberts A.C.G., prof. dr.Bouvy M.L., prof. dr.Gardarsdottir H., dr.Bemt B.J.F. van den, dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2018Drug storage; Temperature conditions; Biologic drugs; Biologicals; Tumor necrosis factor-alpha inhibitors; Oral anticancer drugs; Immunogenicity; Pharmaceutical supply chain; Quality; Personality traits; Aggregation;
Treatment response in childhood asthmaVijverberg S.J.H., PhDRaaijmakers J.A.M., prof. dr.Maitland-van der Zee A.H., prof. dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2014Treatment outcomes; Children; Asthma;
Pharmacovigilance of biologicals : dynamics in post-approval safety learningVermeer N.S., PhDLeufkens H.G.M., prof. dr.Egberts A.C.G., prof. dr.Bruin M.L. de, prof. dr.Straus S.M.J.M., dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2015Biologicals; Biosimilars; Pharmacovigilance; Adverse drug reactions; Regulatory science; Traceability; Risk management plan;
Clinical pharmacology and therapeutic drug monitoring of voriconazoleVeringa A., PhDAlffenaar J.W.C., prof. dr.Kosterink J.G.W., prof. dr.Werf T.S. van der, prof. dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2019drug monitoring; voriconazole
Preeclampsia, the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system and beyondVerdonk K., PhDDanser A.H.J., prof. dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2015Pre-eclampsia; Antihypertensive drugs; Pharmacology; Primary care; Renin-angiotensin system;
Intranasal delivery of rapid acting drugsVeldhorst-Janssen N.M.L., PhDMarcus A.E., prof. dr.Neef C., prof. dr.Kuy P.H.M. van der, dr.Universiteit Maastricht (UM)2013Intranasal; fentanyl; midazolam
Implementing dried spot sampling in transplant patient careVeenhof H.Touw D.J., prof. dr.Bakker S.J.L., prof. dr.Berger S.P., prof. dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2020dried blood spot; Transplantation;
Myogenic constriction in renal failure; cause and therapyVavrinec P., PhDHenning R.H., prof. dr.Dokkum R.P.E. van, dr.Buikema J.H., dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2012renal failure myogenic constriction
The therapeutic potential of Indoleamine 2.3-dioxygenase in kidney transplantationVavrinacova-Yaghi D., PhDHenning R.H., prof. dr.Sandovici M., dr.Seelen M.A.J., dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2014Pharmacology; kidney transplantation Indoleamine 2.3-dioxygenase
Monitoring drug therapy in hospitalized patientsUijtendaal E.V., PhDEgberts A.C.G., prof. dr.Solinge W.W. van, prof. dr.Zwart-van Rijkom J.E.F., dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2014Drug-drug interactions; Intensive care; Laboratory monitoring; Serum potassium; Patient safety; Medication errors; Adverse drug reactions; Clinical decision support;
Performence of statistical methods to control for unmeasured confounding in pharmacoepidemiology : focus on instrumental variable analysisUddin M.J., MD PhDBoer A. de, prof. dr.Roes K.B.C., prof. dr.Groenwold R.H.H., dr.Klungel O.H., prof. dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2014Observational studies; Pharmacoepidemiology; Confounding; Statistical methods; Instrumental variables; SCCS; PERR;
Implementing dried blood spot sampling in transplant patient careTouw D.J., prof. dr.Touw D.J., prof. dr.Bakker S.J.L., prof. dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2020dried blood spot sampling, transplant patient care
Making better prescribers during a context-based pharmacotherapy learning programmeTichelaar J., dr.Vries Th.P.G.M. de, prof. dr. MDRichir M.C., MD PhDVrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU)2016pharmacotherapy; pharmacotherapy education; context based learning; clinical pharmacology; prescribing
Multimodality ImAging of Cardiovascular Dysfunction: Risk factors, diagnostics and treatment optionsThiel B.S. van, PhDKanaar R., prof. dr.Danser A.H.J., prof. dr.Essers J., dr.Pluijm I. van der, dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2017Cardiovascular disease; Imaging; Aging; Risk factors; Diagnostics; Treatment options
Multimodality ImAging of Cardiovascular Dysfunction: Risk Factors, Diagnostics and Treatment OptionsThiel B.S. van, PhDKanaar R., prof. dr.Danser A.H.J., prof. dr.Essers J., dr.Pluijm I. van der, dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2017Cardiovascular disease; Risk factors; Treatment options;
Molecular imaging of tumor characteristics to support targeted therapies: a preclinical focus on HER2, HER3, c-MET, IGF-1R and VEGF imaging.Terwisscha van Scheltinga A.G.T., PhDVries E.G.E. de, prof. dr.Kosterink J.G.W., prof. dr.Lub-de Hooge M.N., dr.Schröder C.P., dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2013
Modulation of endogenous H2S productin: its role in hibernation and pharmacological cell protectionTalaei F., PhDHenning R.H., prof. dr.Schmidt M., prof. dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2012Hibernation; Endogenous H2S production; Pharmacological cell protection; Hypothermia; Cysteinyldopa;
Translating pharmacogenetics to primary care Swen J.J., PhDGuchelaar H.J., prof. dr.Assendelft W.J.J., prof. dr.Wessels J.A.M., dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2011Pharmacogenetics; Primary care;
New therapeutic targets in cardiovascular disease: focus on the renin-angiotensin system and lipid metabolismSun YDanser A.H.J., prof. dr.Lu X., PhDErasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2020Renin-angiotensin system; lipid metabolism; Vascular reactivity; Pharmacology; Treatment options;
Clinical pharmacology of novel anticancer drug formulationsStuurman F.E, PhDSchellens J.H.M., prof. dr.Beijnen J.H., prof. dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2013Clinical pharmacology; Cancer;
Clinical pharmacology and therapeutic drug monitoring of first-line anti-tuberculosis drugsSturkenboom M.G.G., PhDKosterink J.G.W., prof. dr.Werf T.S. van der, prof. dr.Uges D.R.A., prof. dr.Alffenaar J.W.C., prof. dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2016Tuberculosis; Therapeutic drug monitoring;
Optimisation of first clinical studies in special populations: towards semi-physiological pharmacokinetics Strougo A., PhDDanhof M., prof. dr.Freijer J., dr.Yassen A., dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2015Special-population; Model-based; PK-model; Paediatrics; Children; Hepatic and renal impairment; Semi-physiological; Population approach; PBPK;
Training physicians in electronic prescribingStiphout F. van, PhDBraak E.W.M.T. ter, prof. dr.Egberts A.C.G., prof. dr.Zwart-van Rijkom J.E.F., dr.Aarts J.E.C.M., dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2016
Assessing the impact of gout:validating and understanding outcomesSpaetgens B.P.A., drBoonen A.E.R.C.H., prof. dr.Vries F. de, prof. dr.Universiteit Maastricht (UM)2017
Physical causes of dosing errors in patients receiving multi-infusion therapySnijder R.A., PhDEgberts A.C.G., prof. dr.Timmerman A.M.D.E., dr. ir.Konings M.K., dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2016Infusion; Multi-infusion; Patient safety; Fluid mechanics; Physics; Modeling errors; Adverse events;
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