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TitelPromovendusPromotor 1Promotor 2Copromotor 1Copromotor 2UniversiteitPromotiejaarTrefwoorden
Hibernating mitochondria, the cool key to cellular protection and transplant optimization; Mitochondrial aspects of hibernators and non-hibernators in hypothermiaHendriks K.D.W.Henning R.H., prof. dr.Leuverink H.G.D., prof. dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2021Hibernating mitochondria
Mitochondrial failure in sepsis; Acute mechnisms and long-term consequences. Henning R.H., prof. dr.Bouma H.R., PhDRijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)0Mitrochondrial failure in Sepsis
Drug development and new targets for redox disturbances in experimental vascular diseaseHenning R.H., prof. dr.Deelman L.E., dr.Buikema J.H., dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2022Drug development, redox disturbance, experimental vascular disease
Clinical decision support in community pharmacyHeringa M., PhDBouma H.R., PhDSmet P.A.G.M. de, prof. dr.Floor-Schreudering A., PhD PharmDUniversiteit Utrecht (UU)2017Patient safety; Clinical decision support system; Community pharmacy; Drug therapy;
The Clinical Pharmacology of performance enhancement and doping detection in sportsHeuberger J., dr.Cohen A.F., prof. dr.Groeneveld G.J., prof. dr.Rotmans J.I., dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2019Performance enhancement and doping detection in sports
Endothelial dysfunction in cardiovascular diseaseHeuvel M. van den, PhDDuncker D.J.G.M., Prof.dr.Danser A.H.J., prof. dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2018Cardiovascular disease; Vascular reactivity; Cholesterol;
Towards New Therapies for Preeclampsia: Restoring Vascular DysfunctionHitzerd AEReiss IKM, prof.dr.Danser A.H.J., prof. dr.Simons SHP, dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2020Pre-eclampsia; Treatment options; Pregnancy; Pharmacology;
Predicting and improving individual long-term outcome in patients with diabetes and nephropathy; dterminants of response to RAAS inhibitionHoltkamp F.A., PhDGraeff P.A. de, prof. dr.Zeeuw D. de, prof. dr.Lambers Heerspink H.J., prof. dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2011diabetes; nephropathy; predicting and improving long term outcome
Fluorescence-guided cancer surgery:clinical translation of tumor targeted agentsHoogstins C.E.SBurggraaf J., prof. dr.Cohen A.F., prof. dr.Vahrmeijer A.L., Dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2018Image-guided surgery Fluorescence Tumor targeted Oncological surgery
Use of real-world evidence in pharmaeconomic analysisHuang Y.Haaijer-Ruskamp F.M., prof. dr.Postma M.J., prof. dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2019Pharmacogenomics;
Medication surveillance in older patients : clinical decision support as the next step in medication safetyHurkens K.P.M.G., MD PhD MBAStehouwer C.D.A., prof. dr.Kuy P.H.M. van der, dr.Janknegt R., PharmD PhDUniversiteit Maastricht (UM)2013Clinical pharmacology; Elderly; clinical rules
Microvasculature, the Trigeminal System and Migraine: A focus on female sex hormonesIbrahimi K., PhDDanser A.H.J., prof. dr.Maassen van den Brink A., dr.Meiracker A.H. van den, dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2015Migraine; Microvasculature; Trigeminal System; Female Sex Hormones
Better prediction of drug response in diabetic kidney diseaseIdzerda N.M.A.Lambers Heerspink H.J., prof. dr.Zeeuw D. de, prof. dr.Pena M.J., PhDRijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2020Diabetic kidney disease; Drug response;
Maturation of cytochrome P450 3A mediated drug metabolism : towards individualized dosing in childrenInce I., PhDTibboel D., prof. dr.Knibbe C.A.J., prof. dr.Wildt S.N. de, prof. dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2013Paediatrics; Midazolam; CYP3A; Population PK; Maturation; Metabolism;
Priority medicines for children : exploring age-appropriate medicines and antibiotic use in childrenIvanovska V., PhDLeufkens H.G.M., prof. dr.Mantel-Teeuwisse A.K., dr.Dijk C.E.M.J. van, dr. ir.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2017Paediatric pharmacotherapy; Paediatric drug development; Priority setting; Age-appropriate formulations; Antibiotic use; Children;
Methods for improving the safety of fluoropyrimidine anticancer drugsJacobs B.A.W., PhDSchellens J.H.M., prof. dr.Beijnen J.H., prof. dr.Nuijen B., dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2016Fluoropyrimidines; Capecitabine; 5-fluorouracil; Dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase; Thymidylate synthase; Safety; Phenotyping; Circadian rhythm;
Bioanalysis and clinical pharmacology of tamoxifen in breast cancerJager N.G.L., PhDBeijnen J.H., prof. dr.Schellens J.H.M., prof. dr.Rosing H., dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2014Cancer; Clinical pharmacology;
The role of aldosterone and aldosterone blockade in hypertensionJansen P.M., PhDDanser A.H.J., prof. dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2013Cardiovascular disease; Antihypertensive drugs; Pharmacology;
Measuring pharmacodynamics in early clinical drug studies in multiple sclerosisKanhai K.M.SCohen A.F., prof. dr.Groeneveld G.J., prof. dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2019Multiple sclerosis Drug development Biomarkers Remyelination
Introducing Clinical Pharmacology to Hepatitis C TherapyKanter C.T.M.M. de, PhDBurger D.M., prof. dr.Drenth J.P.H., prof. dr.Dofferhoff A.S.M., dr.Radboud Universiteit (RU)2015Hepatitis C; Clinical Pharmacology; Therapeutic drug monitoring; drug drug interactions
Cardiovascular, renal and thyroid toxicity during angiogenesis inhibition: a translational approachKappers M.H.W., PhDDanser A.H.J., prof. dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2011Cancer; Pharmacology; Antihypertensive drugs;
Carotid artery contrast enhanced ultrasoundKate G.L. ten, PhDSijbrands E.J.G., prof. dr.Danser A.H.J., prof. dr.Schinkel A.F.L., Dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2014Cardiovascular disease; Vascular reactivity;
Antipsychotics, delirium and glucose in older patientsKeulen K. van, PhDEgberts A.C.G., prof. dr.Knol W., PhDHeerdink E.R., dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2018Antipsychotics; Older patients; Delirium; Hypoglycemia; Hyperglycemia; Incapacitated patients; Glucose variability;
Clinical pharmacology and bioanalysis of antileishmanial drugs : Towards improved treatment strategies for leishmaniasisKip A.E., PhDBeijnen J.H., prof. dr.Schellens J.H.M., prof. dr.Dorlo T.P.C., dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2017Leishmaniasis; Clinical pharmacology; Bioanalysis; Pharmacokinetics; Pharmacodynamics; Miltefosine; Amphotericin B; Neopterin;
Harmonising relative effectiveness assessments of medicines in EuropeKleijnen S., PhDBoer A. de, prof. dr.Leufkens H.G.M., prof. dr.Goettsch W.G., dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2016Medicines; Relative effectiveness; Reimbursement; Harmonisation; Europe; Methods; Health technology assessment (HTA);
Minimally invasive methodology for pharmacological research involving childrenKlein R.H., PhDCohen A.F., prof. dr.Burggraaf J., prof. dr.Sukhai R.N., dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2013Paediatrics; Clinical pharmacology; ADHD; Pharmacokinetics; Growth hormone deficiency; Pharmacodynamics; Point of care technology;
Drug-induced psychomimetic symptoms as a model for psychosisKleinloog-Fernández González H.D., PhDGerven J.M.A. van, prof. dr.Cohen A.F., prof. dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2014Clinical Pharmacology Psychotic Disorders Clinical Trial Drug evaluation Biological Models
Patients at increased fracture risk : identification and pharmacological treatmentKlop C., PhDLeufkens H.G.M., prof. dr.Bijlsma J.W.J., prof. dr.Vries F. de, prof. dr.Welsing P.M.J., dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2016Fragility fracture; Hip fracture; Hip; Osteoporosis; Biphosphonate; Absolute risk prediction; FRAX;
Novel approaches in clinical development of cannabinoid drugs Klumpers L.E., PhDGerven J.M.A. van, prof. dr.Cohen A.F., prof. dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2014Cannabinoids; THC; CB1 antagonists; Pharmacokinetics; Clinical pharmacology; Pharmacodynamics; Feeling high; PK-PD modelling; Resting state FMRI; Rimonabant;
Insight in disease and drug interactions, with treatment optimisation of patients with cancerKnapen L.M., PhDTjan-Heijnen V.C.G., prof. dr.Vries F. de, prof. dr.Croes S., dr.Erp N.P. van, dr.Universiteit Maastricht (UM)2019
Pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and safety of different propofol formulationsKnibbe C.A.J., prof. dr.Danhof M., prof. dr.Aarts L.P.H.J., prof. dr.Kuks P.F.M., dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2002Pharmacokinetics; Pharmacodynamics; Propofol;
Antipsychotic induced parkinsonism: assessment, causes and consequencesKnol W., PhDEgberts A.C.G., prof. dr.Schobben A.F.A.M., prof. dr.Marum R.J. van, prof. dr.Jansen P.A.F., dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2011Antipsychotics; elderly; parkinsonism; pharmacokinetics; pharmacodynamics; pharmacogenetics; assessment
Techniques to improve neurological outcome after cardiac surgeryKok W.F., PhDHenning R.H., prof. dr.Absalom A.R., prof. dr.Scheeren T.W.L., prof. dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2017Cardiac surgery; Clinical pharmacology; Neurological outcome;
Investigations of skin inflammation with a novel dermatology toolbox for early phase clinical drug developmentKolk T. van der, drBurggraaf J., prof. dr.Rissmann R, prof.dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2021Skin inflammation Dermatology toolbox Early phase clinical drug development Trial at home Inflammation models Skin microbiome Atopic dermatitis
Supporting patients : pharmacy based interventions to improve medication adherenceKooij M.J., PhDBouvy M.L., prof. dr.Heerdink E.R., dr.Dijk C.E.M.J. van, dr. ir.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2015Medication adherence; Pharmacists; Intervention; Pharmacy; Compliance; Community pharmacy;
Pharmacokinetic insights in individual drug response; a model-based approach to quantify individual exposure-response relationships in type 2 diabetesKoomen J.V.Lambers Heerspink H.J., prof. dr.Mol P.G.M., dr.Stevens J., Dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2021Pharmacokinetic insights in individual drug response; a model-based approach to quantify individual exposure-response relationships in type 2 diabetes
Towards better treatment outcomes in childhood asthmaKoster E.S., PhDRaaijmakers J.A.M., prof. dr.Maitland-van der Zee A.H., prof. dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2011Asthma; Children; Treatment Outcomes; Epidemiology;
The influence of the sample matrix on LC-MS/MS method development and analytical performanceKoster R.A., PhDUges D.R.A., prof. dr.Kosterink J.G.W., prof. dr.Alffenaar J.W.C., prof. dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2015
Pharmacokinetics and/or pharmacodynamics of propofol, atracurium and cefazolin in morbidly obese patientsKralingen S. van, PhDKnibbe C.A.J., prof. dr.Dongen H.P.A. van, dr.Ramshorst B. van, dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2011Population PK; Population PD; Obesity; Propofol; Cefazolin; Morbid obesity; Bariatric surgery; Atracurium;
Challenges in the clinical development of orphan drugsKreeftmeijer-Vegter A.R., PhDBoer A. de, prof. dr.Vries P.J. de, dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2015Orphan drugs; Clinical development; Paediatric formulation; Pharmacokinetics; Efficacy; Safety; Regulatory;
Size does matter : drug glucuronidation in childrenKrekels E.H.J., PhDKnibbe C.A.J., prof. dr.Tibboel D., prof. dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2012Paediatrics; Morphine; Population PK; System-specific covariate modelling; Model validation; Glucuronidation; Ontogeny; Pharmacokinetics; UGT2B7; Zidovudine;
(Pro)renin revisited: new insights from studies in mast cellsKrop M., dr.Danser A.H.J., prof. dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2009Cardiovascular disease; Pharmacology; Prorenin;
The association between albuminuria and long-term renal risk; how to improve the precision of drug effect estimatesKröpelin T.F., PhDZeeuw D. de, prof. dr.Lambers Heerspink H.J., prof. dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2016Kidney; Diabetic kidney disease; Drug efficacy;
Intranasal drug delivery in migraineKuy P.H.M. van der, dr.Merkus F.W.H.M., prof. dr.Lohman J.J.H.M., dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2003Migraine; Intranasal
Peripheral Projections of the Trigeminovascular System as Antimigraine TargetLabastida Ramírez ADanser A.H.J., prof. dr.Maassen van den Brink A., dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2019Migraine; Vascular reactivity; Pharmacology;
Neurovascular pharmacology of migraine: epigenetics and sex hormonesLabruijere S., PhDDanser A.H.J., prof. dr.Maassen van den Brink A., dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2014Pharmacology; Migraine; Epigenetics; Neurovascular pharmacology;
Pharmaceutical development, preclinical research and clinical application of the bone-targeting therapeutic radiopharmaceutical rhenium-188-HEDPLange R., PhDHendrikse N.H., prof. dr.Heine R. ter, dr.Bloemendal H.J., dr.Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU)2017Radiopharmaceutics; Pharmaceutical development; Rhenium;
Hypertension and renal toxicity during angiogenesis inhibition: Salt dependency and treatment optionsLankhorst S.Danser A.H.J., prof. dr.Meiracker A.H. van den, dr.Kappers M.H.W., PhDErasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2016Hypertension; Renal function; Treatment options
Building a clinical pharmacology framework for the safe and effective use of antifungal agentsLempers VJCBurger D.M., prof. dr.Brüggemann R.J.M., PhDAarnoutse R.E., dr.Radboud Universiteit (RU)2016Antifungal drugs; Clinical pharmacology;
Comorbidities, complications and treatment of childhood obesityLentferink Y.E., PhDKnibbe C.A.J., prof. dr.Vorst M.M.J. van der, dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2019Children; Obesity; Asthma; ADHD; Insulin resistance; Metformin; Cardiovascular diseases; Obese children; Arterial stiffness; Skin autofluorescence;
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