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TitelPromovendusPromotor 1Promotor 2Copromotor 1Copromotor 2UniversiteitPromotiejaarTrefwoorden
The role of efflux and influx transporters in the disposition of digitalis-like compoundsGozalpour E., PhDRussel F.G.M., prof. dr.Radboud Universiteit (RU)2015
The many faces of Na+, K+-ATPase: understanding the role of human isoforms in health and diseaseWeigand K.M., PhDRussel F.G.M., prof. dr.Radboud Universiteit (RU)2015
Linezolid in multidrug-resistant tuberculosisBolhuis M.S., PhDWerf T.S. van der, prof. dr.Kosterink J.G.W., prof. dr.Uges D.R.A., prof. dr.Alffenaar J.W.C., dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2015Tuberculosis; Linezolid;
Patient perspectives in the benefit-risk evaluation of drugsVries S.T. de, PhDDenig P., prof. dr.Haaijer-Ruskamp F.M., prof. dr.Zeeuw D. de, prof. dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2015
Pharmacokinetics and optimal exposure of antifungal drugs in critically ill patientsElst K.C.M. van der, PhDKosterink J.G.W., prof. dr.Werf T.S. van der, prof. dr.Uges D.R.A., prof. dr.Alffenaar J.W.C., dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2015
Preclinical targeting of the tumor microenvironment. Possibilities and consequencesArjaans M., PhDVries E.G.E. de, prof. dr.Schröder C.P., dr.Timmer-Bosscha H., dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2015
Pharmacokinetics of antifungal drugs in severely ill patientsWanrooy M.J.P. van, PhDWerf T.S. van der, prof. dr.Kosterink J.G.W., prof. dr.Uges D.R.A., prof. dr.Alffenaar J.W.C., dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2015Antifungal drugs; Pharmacokinetics;
The role of endogenous H2S production during hybernation and forced hypothermia: towards safe cooling and rewarming in clinical practiceDugbartey G.J., PhDHenning R.H., prof. dr.Bouma H.R., PhDRijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2015
The influence of the sample matrix on LC-MS/MS method development and analytical performanceKoster R.A., PhDUges D.R.A., prof. dr.Kosterink J.G.W., prof. dr.Alffenaar J.W.C., dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2015
End-organ damage in diabetes: exploring innovative targets and therapiesHamidi M., PhDHenning R.H., prof. dr.Buikema J.H., dr.Deelman L.E., dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2015Diabetes mellitus;
Novel biomarker panels in diabetic kidney disease: predicting disease progression and response to therapy, and monitoring drug effectPena M.J., PhDZeeuw D. de, prof. dr.Lambers Heerspink H.J., prof. dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2015Biomarkers; Diabetes mellitus; Kidney;
Clinical risk management of drug-related hospital admissions: strategies for their identification, reduction and monitoringWarlé-van Herwaarden M., PhDSmet P.A.G.M. de, prof. dr.Sturkenboom M.C.J.M., prof. dr.Kramers C., dr.Herings R.M.C., dr.Radboud Universiteit (RU)2015Guideline adherence; medication safety; laboratory monitoring
COMPARE: Care in Oncolytic Medication surveillance:Pharmacovigilance, Acceptability, Risks and EventsOijen B.P.C. van, dr.Schouten H.C., prof. dr.Kuy P.H.M. van der, dr.Janknegt R., PharmD PhDUniversiteit Maastricht (UM)2015Chemotherapy; Clinical pharmacology; Pharmaceutical care;
Introducing Clinical Pharmacology to Hepatitis C TherapyKanter CTMM deBurger D.M., prof. dr.Drenth JPH, prof. dr.Dofferhoff ASM, dr.Radboud Universiteit (RU)2015Hepatitis C; Clinical Pharmacology; Therapeutic drug monitoring; drug drug interactions
Exposure to antiretroviral agents in hiv-infected pregnant women: not too much-not too littleColbers EPH, dr.Burger D.M., prof. dr.Radboud Universiteit (RU)2015HIV; antiretroviral agents; clinical pharmacology; drug drug interactions
Optimisation of first clinical studies in special populations: towards semi-physiological pharmacokinetics Strougo A., PhDDanhof M., prof. dr.Freijer J., dr.Yassen A., dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2015Special-population; Model-based; PK-model; Pediatrics; Children; Hepatic and renal impairment; Semi-physiological; Population approach; PBPK;
From data to models : reducing uncertainty in benefit risk assessment : application to chronic iron overload in childrenBellanti F., PhDDanhof M., prof. dr.Della Pasqua O.E., dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2015Benefit-risk assessment; Pediatrics; Iron chelations; PK-PD modelling; Modelling-&-simulations; Multi-criteria-decision-analysis; Iron-overload; Deferiprone; Deferoxamine;
Targeting proteostasis in atrial fibrillationZhang D., PhDHenning R.H., prof. dr.Brundel B.J.J.M., dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2015Atrial fibrillation; Modelling-&-simulations;
Challenges in the clinical development of orphan drugsKreeftmeijer-Vegter A.R., PhDBoer A. de, prof. dr.Vries P.J. de, dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2015Orphan drugs; Clinical development; Paediatric formulation; Pharmacokinetics; Efficacy; Safety; Regulatory;
Microvasculature, the Trigeminal System and Migraine: A focus on female sex hormonesIbrahimi K, drDanser A.H.J., prof. dr.Maassen van den Brink A., dr.Meiracker A.H. van den, dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2015Migraine; Microvasculature; Trigeminal System; Female Sex Hormones
Thiopurines in inflammatory bowel diseases: new perspectives to optimise safety and efficacyWong D.R., PhDMasclee A., prof. dr.Neef C., prof. dr.Hooymans P.M., dr.Engels L.G.J.B., dr.Universiteit Maastricht (UM)2015Thiopurines; Inflammatory bowel disease; Safety; Drug efficacy;
Performence of statistical methods to control for unmeasured confounding in pharmacoepidemiology : focus on instrumental variable analysisUddin M.J., MD PhDBoer A. de, prof. dr.Roes K.B.C., prof. dr.Groenwold R.H.H., dr.Klungel O.H., prof. dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2014Observational studies; Pharmacoepidemiology; Confounding; Statistical methods; Instrumental variables; SCCS; PERR;
Treatment response in childhood asthmaVijverberg S.J.H., PhDRaaijmakers J.A.M., prof. dr.Maitland-van der Zee A.H., prof. dr.Universiteit Utrecht (UU)2014Treatment outcomes; Children; Asthma;
Neurovascular pharmacology of migraine: epigenetics and sex hormonesLabruijere S., PhDDanser A.H.J., prof. dr.Maassen van den Brink A., dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2014Pharmacology; Migraine; Epigenetics; Neurovascular pharmacology;
Novel directions in therapy against age-related vascular diseaseWu H., PhDDanser A.H.J., prof. dr.Roks A.J.M., dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2014Pharmacology; Cardiovascular disease;
The (pro)renin receptor: moving away from prorenin?Lu X., PhDDanser A.H.J., prof. dr.Meima M.E., dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2014Cardiovascular disease; Pharmacology; Prorenin;
Medication safety in Vietnamese hospital: a focus on medication errors and safety cultureNguyen T.H., PhDTaxis K., prof. dr.Haaijer-Ruskamp F.M., prof. dr.Brouwers J.R.B.J., prof. dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2014
Driving-impairing medicines and traffic safety: patients' perspectivesMonteiro S.P., PhDGier J.J. de, prof. dr.Dijk C.E.M.J. van, dr. ir.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2014
The therapeutic potential of Indoleamine 2.3-dioxygenase in kidney transplantationVavrinacova-Yaghi D., PhDHenning R.H., prof. dr.Sandovici M., dr.Seelen M.A.J., dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2014Pharmacology; kidney transplantation Indoleamine 2.3-dioxygenase
Neuropharmacology of novel dopamine modulators Beek E.T te, PhDGerven J.M.A. van, prof. dr.Cohen A.F., prof. dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2014Dopamine Antagonist Drug development Pharmacokinetics Pharmacodynamics Schizophrenia Drug addiction Tachykinins
Drug-induced psychomimetic symptoms as a model for psychosisKleinloog-Fernández González H.D., PhDGerven J.M.A. van, prof. dr.Cohen A.F., prof. dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2014Clinical Pharmacology Psychotic Disorders Clinical Trial Drug evaluation Biological Models
Novel approaches in clinical development of cannabinoid drugs Klumpers L.E., PhDGerven J.M.A. van, prof. dr.Cohen A.F., prof. dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2014Cannabinoids; THC; CB1 antagonists; Pharmacokinetics; Clinical pharmacology; Pharmacodynamics; Feeling high; PK-PD modelling; Resting state FMRI; Rimonabant;
Clinical pharmacology of nevirapine in HIV-infected patients in TanzaniaMuro E.P., PhDBurger D.M., prof. dr.Dolmans W.M.V., prof. dr.Radboud Universiteit (RU)2014Clinical pharmacology; HIV; Pharmacokinetics; therapy drug monitoring
Clinical pharmacological studies in tuberculosis patientsSemvua H.H., PhDBurger D.M., prof. dr.Aarnoutse R.E., dr.Boeree M.J., dr.Radboud Universiteit (RU)2014Clinical pharmacology; Pharmacokinetics; Tuberculosis
New insights into the role of breast cancer resistance protein in endocrine and metabolic processesDankers A.C.A., PhDRussel F.G.M., prof. dr.Sweep C.G.J., prof. dr.Masereeuw R., prof. dr.Radboud Universiteit (RU)2014Cancer; Breast cancer;
Vascular adaptation to pregnancy and relaxinDrongelen J. van, PhDSmits P., prof. dr.Lotgering F.K., prof. dr.Radboud Universiteit (RU)2014
Medication safety through information technology; a focus on medication prescribing and administering.Helmons P.J., PhDKosterink J.G.W., prof. dr.Daniels C.E., prof. dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2014medication safety information technology prescribing and administering drugs
Loss of proteostasis as a substrate for Atrial Fibrilation.Meijering R.A.M., PhDHenning R.H., prof. dr.Brundel B.J.J.M., dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2014Atrial fibrillation; Proteostasis;
Optimizing cancer therapy. A focus on molecular imagingGaykema S.B.M., PhDVries E.G.E. de, prof. dr.Lub-de Hooge M.N., dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2014
Human in vivo studies on the non-glycaemic effects of thiazolidinedione derivativesRennings A.J.M., dr.Smits P., prof. dr.Tack C.J.J., prof. dr.Radboud Universiteit (RU)2014
Acute and chronic pain after cardiac surgeryGulik L. van, PhDKnibbe C.A.J., prof. dr.Tibboel D., prof. dr.Bruins P., dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2014Acute pain; Intensive Care Unit; Chronic pain; Cardiac surgery; Pain management;
Towards a system-based pharmacology approach to predict developmental changes in renal drug clearance in childrenDe Cock R.F.W., PhDKnibbe C.A.J., prof. dr.Danhof M., prof. dr.Allegaert K., prof. dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2014Pediatrics; Population PK; Aminoglycosides; Propylene glycol; GFR; Renal function; Antibiotics; Glomerular filtration; Developmental changes; Pharmacokinetics; Newborns;
Strategies for optimization of aminoglycoside and vancomycin therapiesMaarseveen E.M. van, PhDNeef C., prof. dr.Touw D.J., prof. dr.Zanten A. van2014
The role of aldosterone and aldosterone blockade in hypertensionJansen P.M., PhDDanser A.H.J., prof. dr.Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)2013Cardiovascular disease; Antihypertensive drugs; Pharmacology;
Improving the physical health of people with severe mental illness : the need for tailor made care and uniform evaluation of interventionsHasselt F.M. van, PhDLoonen A.J.M., prof. dr.Oud M.J.T., dr.Krabbe P.F.M., dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2013
Minimally invasive methodology for pharmacological research involving childrenKlein R.H., PhDCohen A.F., prof. dr.Burggraaf J., prof. dr.Sukhai R.N., dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2013Pediatrics; Clinical pharmacology; ADHD; Pharmacokinetics; Growth hormone deficiency; Pharmacodynamics; Point of care technology;
Cognition in Huntington's disease : the influence of motor behaviour and time Hart E.P. 't, PhDRoos R.A.C., prof. dr.Universiteit Leiden (UL)2013Huntington's disease; Cognition; Movement disorder; Executive functioning; Memory; P300; Motor behaviour
Optmizing long-term care for hiv-infected patients in ThailandRamautarsing R.A., PhDBurger D.M., prof. dr.Wit F.W.N.M., dr.Wijgert J.H.H.M. van de, dr.Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA)2013HIV; clinical pharmacology
Assessment of ischaemia and reperfusion injuryWouters C.W., PhDRongen G.A., prof. dr.Oyen W.J.G., prof. dr.Radboud Universiteit (RU)2013Ischemia/reperfusion injury; adenosine; atorvastatin; forearm;
Immunological aspects of hibernation as leads in the prevention of acute organ injury.Bouma H.R., PhDHenning R.H., prof. dr.Kroese F.G.M., prof. dr.Strijkstra A.M., dr.Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)2013hibernation acute organ injury immunological
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